P3s vital to Peruvian growth

P3s and ongoing infrastructure development should play a key part in Peru’s growth in the coming years despite the potential change of government next year, according to incumbent finance minister Alfonso Segura.

Segura stressed that growth policies, including infrastructure, must be implemented in the medium-term to accompany the expected sustained economic growth of 4.5% over the next year. 

He added that the next government must continue to invest in infrastructure, since regulatory frameworks have been updated and strengthened, especially to facilitate P3s. 

“I hope elections can provide concrete proposals that allow the country to move forward," Segura said.  

Peruvians will go to the polls next April to elect a new president, vice presidents, members of Congress and the Andean Parliament. 

In November, the agency’s committee for energy and the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) approved the unsolicited proposal of the San Gaban III Hydroelectric central plant.