Colombia to launch P3 highway

Infrastructure agency to deliver public presentation for 35km road; Colombian government considers full privatisation for some 4G highways

Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has announced it will launch the Villeta – Guadas road, a 35km stretch of the Sol route.

A presentation will be held today to introduce the project to the public and provide more information on the opportunity for private investors.

However, the government is considering downgrading at least two roads of the ‘third wave’ of its 4G road plan from P3 to ‘private initiatives without public resources’, due to a lack of liquidity of the public sector. 

Transport minister Natalia Abello has warned that the rest of the projects in the third wave will not continue unless the government finds the finance. 

This U-turn will affect the Bucaramanga – Pamplona and Pamplona – Cúcuta schemes, both of which were launched in November as the third wave got underway.