Calgary hikes funds for Green Line LRT

Calgary City Council in Canada has approved plans to significantly boost municipal funding for the potential Green Line light rail transit (LRT) P3 to $1.52bn.

Councilors have now approved to triple the municipal government’s allocated funding of $520m, to be spread over three decades.

The funds however are dependent on whether the provincial government of Alberta will match the funding.

However, the new Liberal federal government, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has already agreed to honor a previous Conservative government commitment to provide the project with $1.53bn.

As previously reported by P3 Bulletin, Mac Logan, general manager of transportation at the city, has confirmed that a P3 procurement model is being considered for the plans.

The Green Line project will see the creation of a 46km, 25-station LRT from Seton to North Pointe via downtown Calgary.