Texas uni seeks P3 advisors

A Texan university is seeking advisory services to implement its housing P3.

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) seeks qualifications from law firms in the areas of P3, and/or public finance and bonds. Firms submitting qualifications may do so for one or both of the categories. 

This RFQ will establish a referral list of law firms or attorneys to serve as counsel representing TWU on specific matters as the need arises during the contract period. 

Under P3 counsel scope of services, the advisor will advise on the legal opinions and transactional services for the housing P3 launched last month.

Under the public finance and bond counsel scope of services, the firm will provide legal opinions and advise the university in matters pertaining to the issuance, approval, sale, delivery of, and other special issues that may arise from TWU’s bonds and any other debt instruments authorized by the university. 

Responses to this RFQ are due by November 17, 2016.

Meanwhile, proposals are due to the university for the housing P3 contract tomorrow, October 21.