Four airports tendered in Brazil

Brazil’s National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC) has launched four airport concessions.

The international airports issued are Porto AlegreSalvadorFlorianópolis and Fortaleza.   

Each project will be financed up to 25% for the private sector and the remaining 75% by the government under a 30-year concession, with the exception of Porto Alegre (25 years).   

The airports will be brought to auction and companies will be able to bid for more than one project as they will be located in different regions.    

Initial offers for every airport would be $9m (BRL 31m) for Porto Alegre, $90m (BRL 310m) for Salvador, $15m (BRL 53m) for Florianópolis and $360m (BRL 104m) for Fortaleza.  

The auction will take place on the São Paulo Stock Exchange on March 16, 2017.