Bevin praises Kentucky P3 bill

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has singled out the state's new P3 legislation as one of the highlights of his first year in office.

Bevin signed the state's P3 law into force in April this year, with the legialation becoming effective immediately, after years of stalemate over the concept.

Looking back at his first year in office, Bevin has said that the P3 legislation is among the most significant success stories of his tenure so far.

“P3 legislation will afford us the ability, not only with significant infrastructure projects, but also for projects that weren’t also traditionally thought of. Things like improving our state parks,” he told local reporters.

With the legislation in place, projects are progressing. Responses to a request for information are due this week for a project to consolidate a number of state agencies in state capital Frankfort.

Bevin's predecessor, Steve Beshear, had looked to develop P3 legislation but had vetoed one attempt due to concerns over what it would mean for the Brent Spence Bridge replacement project, with campaigners strongly opposed to introducing tolling on the bridge.