House passes water infra Act

The US House of Representatives has passed the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, moving it one step closer to being signed into law.

Passed by a vote of 360-61, the WIIN Act will now head to the Senate for approval before going to the White House for sign-off by the president.

The WIIN Act houses a number of other Acts within it, including the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which authorizes port, waterway, and flood protection improvements for the country, plus the Water and Waste Act of 2016 to help communities meet the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

If the Senate passes the Act, it will go before President Barack Obama before the end of the year, for him to sign before he leaves office.

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Oklahoma attorney general and climate change-skeptic Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency. However, Senate Democrats have vowed to fight the appointment.