RFI for Houston transit projects

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Metro) in Texas is seeking interest in private investment for a commuter line and possibly other unfinished projects.

Metro is conducting a request for information (RFI) from interested parties for the commuter line along US 90A and, as feasible, possibly other unfinished projects named in a 2003 referendum.

The transportation authority is open to all concepts to include design or build or operate or maintain or finance.

As presented in the 2003 referendum, the proposed project on the Southwest Corridor (SWC) would be eight miles long in the Metro service area and would link Harris County with Fort Bend County.

The current MetroRail technology is light rail, but other technologies may be considered. Required operations and maintenance facilities and vehicle purchase should also be included in project evaluation. 

As part of the RFI process, Metro will host a forum in Houston on January 10, 2017.

The deadline for responses is February 7, with questions due by January 16.

Houston appoints five members of Metro’s board and two are appointed by the mayors of 14 other member cities. The remaining two are nominated by Harris County.

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