Christie backs deal for Gateway Tunnel

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stressed that P3 remains on the agenda to deliver the proposed Gateway Tunnel project, despite its exclusion from President Donald Trump’s latest budget.

Christie said that he was confident that the project will proceed after assurances from Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Trump's spending plan for the fiscal year, beginning October 1, restricts  funding to the Federal Transit Administration's Capital Investment Program to projects with deals already agreed. The Gateway project is not on that list at this time.

"I had a very good conversation last week with Secretary Chao,” he said. “I absolutely believe that we will be partnering with the federal government and the state of New York to build a Gateway Tunnel and that there won't be any delays of our current time frame."

He added that private funds could also be sought to secure a deal for the project.

The $24bn program has been touted as a potential P3, with Amtrak recently confirming to P3 Bulletin that the GDC will host an industry day event this summer, followed by a more formal request for information (RFI) process in the late summer or early fall.

The GDC board has already authorized an RFI to be issued for the Hudson Tunnel Project to engage with the private sector, particularly construction and finance firms, on possible project and delivery structures.