Miami commissioner backs unsolicited P3s

Exclusive: Commissioner and mayoral candidate Francis Suarez calls for unsolicited bids; highlights opportunities for transportation and social P3s

City of Miami commissioner and mayoral candidate Francis Suarez has backed P3 and urged firms to utilize the city’s unsolicited proposals policy to kickstart infrastructure development across the county.

Suarez, who is also vice chair of the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization, told delegates at the P3 Hub South that P3s can provide the city with a higher quality of infrastructure and urged the industry to work with government to create new projects across all sectors.

“We have an unsolicited proposals policy in this city,” he said. “When we receive money from an unsolicited proposal that we don’t intend to use, we should return it. I want to encourage you to use this vehicle for P3s, because the intellect in this room is far better than that of one person.

“Time is money. We need to get things done faster. Sometimes government fails to understand that every single day that a project takes longer to begin or complete, it costs money and impacts our bottom line. If we don’t grow in a healthy manner, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Suarez backed the P3 model across all infrastructure sectors in the city, particularly for social housing.

He said that they have proven to be “incredibly successful”, highlighting how the expertise provided from the private sector can create a much higher standard of living for deprived areas.

On a wider scale, Suarez also highlighted the transportation opportunities for the private sector in the city, pointing out that citizens of Miami currently spend 125 hours a year in their cars.