RFP for Michigan CAV scheme

A county in Michigan seeks a private partner to deliver a pilot network for connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) infrastructure; P3 model mooted for roll-out across US

Oakland County is seeking partners to develop, plan and implement a near term solution in the form of a pilot network and a long term scalable option for region-wide connected infrastructure deployment.

The purpose of this RFP is to evaluate industry leading bidders, responding individually or by collaborative partnerships, to design, deploy, and monitor a pilot network in the county, which is located immediately north of the City of Detroit.

However under the plans the contractor would establish a foundation on which an infrastructure authority and/or network operator can grow to encompass the region of southeast Michigan and hopefully demonstrate a functional model for other regions to follow.

In addition the document states the contractor will “demonstrate that this method can become a template for both intergovernmental cooperation, as well as public-private partnership throughout the United States.”

Models proposed by the county include:

a) County-owned model: the network is owned and operated by the County. 

b) Privately-owned managed services model: the network is owned and operated by a service provider, but the county is an “anchor tenant” for the network.

c) Hybrid model (P3): the county owns the network, but outsources operation and maintenance to a service provider.

In the RFP document the authority states it believes the government must preserve its ability to protect and enhance public safety on its roadways while advancing new transportation technologies.

The primary goal is to create a foundation of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) based CAV connected network communications that combines both a scalable equipment based deployment strategy and a business model to monetize network capacity for revenue generation from the network. 

This RFP is issued in coordination with the current intelligent transportation work of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Proposals are due January 9, with a pre-bid meeting in Pontiac on December 11.

As previously reported City of Los Angeles is considering how P3 can impact the future of connected and automated vehicles and associated infrastructure.