Odebrecht case hits Peru

A judge has imprisoned five Peruvian infrastructure heads for a corruption case related to Odebrecht in Peru.

Judge Richard Concepción has dictated 18 months of imprisonment without bail to former heads of Graña y Montero, Hernando Graña Acuña and José Graña Miró Quesada, both prosecuted for the crimes of money laundering and collusion, respectively.  

A third director of Graña y Montero, Gonzalo Ferraro Rey, is under house arrest due to health concerns.   

Concepción has also included in the case Fernando Camet Piccone (JJ Camet) and José Castillo Dibós (ICCGSA), both investigated for the alleged crimes of collusion and money laundering.    

They are accused of crimes of aggravated collusion and money laundering after Peruvian firms, together with the Odebrecht, allegedly paid $15m in bribes to former Peru’s president Alejandro Toledo on the Carretera Interoceánica Sur P3 project.    

The road links the coast of Peru with the west of Brazil.