60 projects in Argentina pipeline

Argentina has officially launched a P3 programme with a 60-project pipeline.

Minister of Finance Luis Caputo has revealed plans to deliver 60 projects, worth $26bn, with  P3. This announcement follows an initial pipeline of 50 projects revealed in September.   

The P3 pipeline will include;    

  • the construction, expansion, upgrade and improvement of 6,800km of roads in various provinces of the country including Buenos Aires, La Pampa and  Santa Fe; 
  • the improvement and construction of 685km of railway tracks; 
  • the construction of new high-voltage electric transmission lines; 
  • the construction and modernisation of penitentiary complexes and hospitals; 
  • water and sanitation including aqueducts, sewers, water treatment plants, and;
  • housing. 

The projects are expected to be tendered in 2018. with construction to commence in the next three and half years.   

José Luis Morea, undersecretary of the government's P3 unit said "Argentina is challenged to mitigate the risks of construction time, so we aim to show high levels of competition, low prices and high participation".

Caputo added that although Argentina is new in the P3 business they will learn from the positive experiences of Chile and Peru.