Peru mulls desal P3s

Carlos Bruce, Peru’s minister of housing, construction and sanitation, is planning the construction of a number of desalination plant projects.

The government has highlighted the area for development and will procure the projects under a P3 scheme.   

"We have already seen many areas where instead of building a water treatment plant with sources such as rivers or wells, which tend to dry up due to global warming, seawater, could be used," Bruce said.    

The new network of desalination plants is to be located along the coastline and in departments near such as Arequipa, the minister said.    

"For example, there is a need for water treatments plants in Arequipa where instead we could build desalination plants from a water source that is inexhaustible, such as sea water," he added.   

Peru’s infrastructure authority ProInversion has recently awarded the transmission line Tintaya-Azangaro located in the south of the country to be delivered under a P3 scheme.