Metrolinx issues RER project details

Transit agency Metrolinx has outlined its procurement strategy and timeline for the RER On-Corridor Works, which will be procured as a P3.

Under the terms of the strategy, Metrolinx has detailed its plans for the program, which will see project procured under a design, build, finance and maintain model.

The general scope of work for the DBFOM contractor is expected to include:

• Fleet: new electric locomotives and electric multiple units

• Systems: power system upgrades, and other works to deliver electric traction power, train

control and communication systems

• Civil works: bridges, retaining walls, noise walls, grading, drainage, track bed and track

• Union Station: reconfiguration of platforms, track and vertical transport

In advance of commencing the formal procurement process, Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario now intend to conduct further market soundings with interested organizations in January 2018.

A request for qualifications is then expected in 2018, before a request for proposals in the fall of the same year. The contract will be awarded in the spring of 2020.

Meanwhile, Toronto-based institutional investor Sun Life Global Investments has appointed Lazard  Asset Management as sub-advisor for the Sun Life Infrastructure Fund, formerly Sun Life Sentry Infrastructure Fund.