Miami-Dade adopts P3 law

Miami-Dade County’s board of commissioners has given its approval to amendments to its P3 legislation.

The board agreed to a number of changes to the law, which saw a number of tweaks targeting the unsolicited proposals procedure.

Under the new legislation, unsolicited proposals will now require greater detail, including on how the proposed project will benefit the community. It also contains deadlines for the county to respond to unsolicited proposals, thus giving investors greater certainty over the timing of their scheme.

The changes also contain a provision that a vote of two-thirds of the county board can “waive the application of county ordinances in connection with [P3s]”.

In October, then-City of Miami commissioner and future city mayor Francis Suarez urged firms to utilize the city’s unsolicited proposals policy during his address to delegates at the P3 Hub South conference.