Bids in for Peru broadband

Peru’s infrastructure authority ProInversion has received four technical and economic proposals for two broadband projects.

The contracts to install two broadband lines across seven regions of Peru are to be awarded December 18.

The consortiums Integración Tecnológica del Perú, América Móvil Perú, Gilat Networks Perú and GMC Conecta have submited technical and economic proposals for the first bundle.   

Plans involve a $137m line across Amazonas, Ica and Lima and another line involving the areas of Junín, Puno, Moquegua and Tacna, which requires an investment of $164m.   

The consortiums Bandtel, GMC Conecta and Telecomunicaciones Rurales del Peru plus the already mentioned Gilat Networks Perú and Integración Tecnológica del Perú will be bidding for the second bundle.    

Under a 10-year concession the consortium awarded will build, operate and maintain the lines. It will also finance part of the project, plus receive a non-refundable financing from the Telecommunication Investment Fund FITEL, which is part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.    

This broadband initiative will increase the access to telecommunication to 1432 rural localities in the country.    

In early December, Peru’s government submitted a bill to promote and co-finance the construction of desalination plants under P3s.