Consultations underway to tackle water resources

A series of consultations to improve collaboration between water companies have been welcomed by the UK National Infrastructure Commission.

The plans being consulted on aim to improve coordination at a regional level, as well as requiring suppliers to halve the levels of leakage from the network by 2050.

Water companies have been increasingly driven to use partnership models to competitively tender new infrastructure projects and the focus of these regional plans will increase the focus on improving infrastructure across the water network.

“The collaborative spirit with which water companies and regulators have engaged in forming these regional plans can only be welcomed, especially given the significance of the task at hand to secure England’s future water supply and respond to potential challenges created by the pandemic,” said NIC chair, Sir John Armitt.

“With clear targets in place to drive long term improvements and the support of regulators, reflecting an approach long championed by the Commission, these plans represent an important milestone.”