Retrofit ‘needs local approach’

A one-size-fits-all approach to delivering retrofit schemes across the UK will fail because of the different needs in different locations, thinktank Localis has warned.

Responding to the government’s plans to support the retrofitting of properties through grants for homeowners to make the switch, Localis said that a more local approach is required to enable a wholesale transition to Net Zero.

A report published by the organisation points to the impact of regional variability in house prices and dwelling stock when installing heat pumps to hit decarbonisation targets.

It explains that in areas where property values are relatively low, standard retrofitting costs of £24,000 are equivalent to as much as a quarter of median house prices - compared with just 1.8% in the areas with the highest house prices.

“Without a tailored and localised approach that considers the varying housing economics of each locality, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to funding retrofitting  threatens to deepen regional inequality and counter efforts to level up,” said Localis chief executive, Jonathan Werran.

Efforts in cities such as Glasgow and Bristol are using more of a public-private partnership approach to encourage and deliver retrofit schemes across their stock.