UK electric ‘green by 2035’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed plans to transfer the UK’s entire electricity supply to renewable energy sources by 2035.

Speaking to Sky News, Johnson confirmed reports from the weekend that the government will look to develop sufficient renewable power supplies by 2035 to mean the electricity network will run without the need for hydrocarbon production.

Combined with the government’s pledge to stop selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, the plans will mean a significant reduction in the UK’s carbon emissions.

“By 2035, we think we can get to complete green energy consumption,” Johnson said.

He suggested this could be achieved through the use of technologies such as wind farms, carbon capture & storage, and hydrogen production.

As well as dramatically cutting the UK’s carbon footprint, Johnson said the transition would have the benefit of increasing the country’s resilience to global energy price volatility. “We will be reliant on our own clean power generation,” he added.