Ireland targets affordable housing

The Irish government is planning to make it a statutory requirement to deliver affordable housing on state-owned land that is being redeveloped.

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, has received Cabinet approval for the move, which will be contained in the legislation to establish the Land Development Agency (LDA).

“The LDA has an immediate focus on managing the state’s own lands to develop new homes, and regenerate under-utilised sites,” he said, pointing to its current work on nine initial sites.

Over 4,500 homes are to be built through those initial sites, with a pipeline of further sites already being developed.

“The LDA is also engaged in urban regeneration master planning initiatives with Limerick City and Galway City Councils and is also engaging with other city councils,” O’Brien said.

By ensuring that affordable housing must be delivered as part of the LDA’s programme of investment, the government hopes to ensure that all the developments will include a good mix of housing.