Belgian justice PPPs tendered

RFQs launched for two new prisons

Régie des Bâtiments, a Belgian procurement office, has released two separate request for qualifications for prison projects in Bourg-Léopold and Vresse-Sur-Semois.

Under the plans, a new 312 inmate capacity prison, with a functioning court, will be delivered through a €245m 28.5 year design, build, finance, maintain contract in Bourg-Léopold, Limburg.

Separately, another 312 capacity prison will be delivered in Vresse-sur-Semois, at a cost of € 248m.

The developments are part of the country’s Masterplan III to modernise Belgium’s justice system. Under this third incarnation of the programme, ten prisons are to be built, six of which will be delivered through a PPP model.

Responses are due by 27 November 2020.