UK NIC develops city support

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published new guidance designed to support cities in the development of long-term infrastructure strategies.

Bringing together the experience of a number of local authorities, the toolkit is aimed at encouraging local leaders to develop longer term initiatives to deliver improvements in transport, housing and employment.

The toolkit is based on the NIC’s recommendations in its National Infrastructure Assessment, where it said government should provide new powers to city leaders to help them develop long-term investment and transport strategies.

Among the guidance’s recommendations are to develop strategies “in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders”; and to be “open to the full range of options available to deliver the strategic aims”.

The NIC also reiterated its call for the government to give greater powers to local authorities. “While some progress has been made…the commission continues to recommend that further steps should be taken to enable cities leaders to develop transformative local strategies,” it said.