TII continues Metrolink preparations

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is to continue its preliminary market consultation in the autumn for the Metrolink rail project.

The national authority continues to develop its delivery plan for the scheme in Dublin through four main contract packages, with an update on the expected timelines due to be published later in the year.

There are three publicly funded design-build civil engineering construction packages covering the length of the proposed route and a contract package for the operational aspects of the megaproject that will be delivered using a PPP option.

As previously reported, the PPP model for this fourth contract package integrates all aspects of that part of the scheme related to the supply and long-term maintenance of the track and line-wide systems, GoA4 train system and metro operations.

The preliminary market consultation will further explore potential interest and market capacity to support the financing of the PPP contract package option, as well as to consult on the planned scope of this contract package and to discuss potential commercial structures with interested sponsors. This consultation will be conducted by TII with the assistance of the National Development Finance Agency.

While some business activity will return to TII’s offices during this period, TII proposes to arrange for all consultations to take place remotely in line with public health guidance.