GBP12bn UK energy pathfinder stalls

Bristol City Council is to restart the procurement of its multi-billion pound energy initiative.

The Council has announced that the procurement of its City Leap programme is set to ‘start afresh’.

The GBP12bn concession is set to be a systemic change to the cities energy provision and infrastructure and a key element in Bristol's drive for carbon-neutrality of 2030.

The restart follows recommendations from shortlisted bidders and the impact of coronavirus. Earlier this week the council announced sale of its private energy company, Bristol Energy, which was intended to be part of the Bristol Leap Joint Venture, the authority is seeking approval to restart the procurement in a ‘simplified’ second attempt.

As previously reported, the City Leap procurement has received strong national and international interest. 

A spokesperson for the City said: ‘Having now considered the feedback received from Bidders, the council intends to make a number of changes to the City Leap Energy Partnership procurement,’ an update to the Bristol Mayor and Cabinet  statement said. ‘Some of these changes materially affect the nature of the procurement and, following legal advice, the council therefore has decided to formally bring the current City Leap Energy Partnership procurement exercise to an end and to recommence with a revised and simplified procurement exercise.’

The Bristol Leap group are seeking approval for the relaunch of the procurement from the city Cabinet on 14 July 2020.