World Bank to scale-up mini-grid investments

The World Bank Group is exploring models to streamline the development and financing of mini-grid projects.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is developing a regional initiative to support an accelerated scale-up in mini-grid investments in collaboration with the World Bank to capitalise on latest lessons learned from recent mini-grid PPP model developments and tools towards offering a replicable model.

Scaling Mini-grid is intended to be designed for the African markets, with plans to extend the initiative to other parts of the world in a subsequent phase. It will consist in a semi-standardised package of advisory, public investment, private investment and risk mitigations mechanisms and instruments to be implemented in select countries.

To support the design and development of the initiative, IFC is seeking consultants with expertise in the field of mini-grids and PPP.

The firm or consortium will be working with several firms or consortia contracted separately: a law firm in charge of preparing template contracts and other documents, a data/IT firm developing a dedicated online mini-grid data and tender process management platform, as well as a dedicated technical/engineering firm in charge of the technical and performance requirements to be implemented under the program.

Expressions of interests for these mandates are due by 16 January 2020.