Consultant sought for Myanmar water PPP

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is procuring public-private partnership (PPP) expertise for a water supply project in Myanmar; World Bank tenders Vietnam mandate.

The World Bank’s IFC is in discussions with the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), to provide advisory services for structuring the Yangon Water Distribution PPP Project and assisting YCDC in identifying a suitable private sector developer / operator through a transparent competitive bidding process.

YCDC, as the key agency tasked with provision and distribution of tap water in Yangon, is planning to introduce private sector efficiencies, investment and knowhow to improve and expand operations and development of the city's water supply network.

IFC will be supporting YCDC and to this end will be undertaking a preliminary-feasibility study, to provide a high-level assessment of YCDCs water utility and identify potential PPP structures. The pre-feasibility study should be completed within three months.

The study will also provide and initial assessment of market interest in the project, and preparation of initial views on different PPP structures, financial viability of the project as a PPP, status of water PPPs in the region, high level estimate of tariffs required for current level of services, and sources of funding and structure for the subsidy.

Expressions of interest are due by 5 December 2019.

Meanwhile, the government of Vietnam, through the Vietnam Inland Waterways Authority (VIWA), is collaborating with the World Bank, to identify sustainable financing mechanism for operations and maintenance (O&M) of its Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) sector. The World Bank is seeking the assistance of a consulting firm with ample experience in the implementation of Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) in O&M of primarily inland waterways as well as capacity building.

Expressions of interest are due by 11 December.