Bouygues UK reviews Manchester, Birmingham operations

Bouygues UK has decided to merge its offices in Manchester and Birmingham with operations elsewhere in the country amid a “challenging construction market”.

The UK subsidiary of the French contractor has confirmed plans to combine its Manchester and Birmingham offices with operations in the south-west and Wales in a bid to cut costs.

A spokesperson for Bouygues UK told Partnerships Bulletin: “Owing to a challenging construction market in the North and Midlands, we have decided to merge the Manchester and Birmingham operations of Bouygues UK with our offices in the South West and Wales.

“This will happen over time and existing projects in the Midlands and North West will continue unaffected through to completion.”

The contractor added that future business development and pre-construction support to the North and Midlands would be provided from its Bristol and London offices as the company will continue to target selected projects in these regions with repeat customers “where we can add value”.

The company is also seeking to “redeploy” staff affected by the decision to “other role where possible”.  

“Other Bouygues Group companies based in the North and Midlands are unaffected by this decision and will continue to operate as normal; this includes the Bouygues Energies & Services Manchester office,” the spokesperson added.