EoI for London river crossing

Transport for London (TfL) is seeking market feedback on financing and delivery models for a new cross-river ferry service on the River Thames.

TfL is inviting expressions of interest for the potential development, operation and maintenance of a ferry service and associated infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf. 

The authority said: “To date, no strategy decisions have been made and all approaches will therefore be considered. As such, the number of contracts to be let are undefined and will depend upon the packaging strategy.”

TfL will consider the packaging of requirements by project stage, such as different aspects of design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation, risk allocation, asset ownership and handover, costs and financing options.

The scheme may consist of new passenger ferries with supporting infrastructure, the construction or modification of existing piers as well as highways, traffic systems and urban realm to provide access between the Thames Path and the local highway network.

Responses are due by 20 November.

TfL expects to publish a contract notice in May 2020.

Meanwhile, the TfL has unveiled its Passenger Pier Strategy, aimed at increasing co-operation with the Port of London Authority (PLA), boat operators and stakeholders to improve the network of piers and river services, promoting the delivery of more privately funded, developer-led piers.

Robin Mortimer, chief executive of the PLA, said: "Investment in modern and attractive passenger piers is central to that future growth and great customer experience."

Separately, Crossrail Ltd Chief Executive Mark Wild said that the Elizabeth Line would open in 2021 amid projected delays.

Crossrail Ltd also told TfL that it is likely additional funding will be required to cover the higher levels of risk contingency.