Strong interest in English energy partnership

Representatives from 180 organisations have attended a briefing event for Bristol’s City Leap Energy Partnership.

A source close to the project has told Partnerships Bulletin that the briefing event “was attended by nearly 200 individuals” from 180 organisations. 

“City Leap has attracted interest from a broad range of community organisations, SMEs, large business and around 50 multinationals,” the source said.

Bristol City Council issued the selection questionnaire last week for the opportunity to leverage private sector expertise for the development, finance and operation of energy assets.

The authority is procuring partners to form a long-term corporate joint venture to source, finance and implement projects low-carbon and energy-related projects such as wind turbines and solar assets for the council and potentially other local authorities in the south-west of England.

The partner will enter into a joint venture with Bristol Energy Ltd, which would provide project origination, delivery and operation, but not ownership of energy assets, as well as a fund vehicle which would hold shares in asset-owning special purpose vehicles owning the assets deployed under the 20-year partnership.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees said: “The inclusion of Bristol Energy is integral to delivering smart energy propositions utilising City Leap’s projects by weaving a number of technologies together, helping to ensure that the company continues to deliver clean energy and social value for local people.”

The anticipated revenue to be generated from the concession is equivalent to GBP12bn, based on the estimated commercial revenues of projects and services and excluding the estimated commercial revenues generated by Bristol Energy Ltd from the sale of gas and electricity.

Responses to the SQ are due by 15 November 2019.

The council expects to award the contract in December 2020.