‘More public engagement’ needed on infra

A global survey has found that the majority of people want governments to engage with them more on infrastructure decisions.

The annual Global Infrastructure Index, compiled by the Global Infrastructure Investor Association (GIIA), found that 61% of people feel that their country does not do enough to involve them in decisions about which infrastructure to invest in.

Furthermore, 64% said that local communities’ views on infrastructure plans should be heard properly, even if it means delays.

The findings highlight the importance of governments engaging the public when developing infrastructure plans.

The survey of over 20,000 people also found that Europeans were the least satisfied with their national infrastructure (just 26%), compared to 32% globally. Saudi Arabians were found to be most satisfied (71%, while Romanians were the least satisfied (5%). Just 29% of people in Great Britain said they were satisfied.

“Our survey shows a global decline in public satisfaction with infrastructure since 2017 reinforcing the message that governments need to prioritise creating the right environment for investment,” said GIIA chief executive, Andy Rose.

“Across the world, the public are relatively more positive about sectors where private investment features prominently although there remains room for improvement.”