PPP 'option' for carbon capture

The UK's plans to create a carbon capture, usage and storage facility could use a PPP model or a structure similar to the Thames Tideway, a government-commissioned report has said.

Documents published as the government announced that the first project of its kind could be "up and running from the mid-2020s" suggest that a PPP model could be used to deliver the initiative.

A report published by Element Energy for the business department and looking at carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) business models highlighted a number of approaches used around the world, including some where a PPP or joint venture structure has been employed.

The report also used the Thames Tideway model as one of a number of case studies designed to offer different options for the government when developing the CCUS initiative.

Summarising the options available for the business model, the report suggests that ownership "could be private, PPP or public", although it added that public ownership is "considered unlikely for capture plants".