Amey rejects Birmingham PFI accusations

Contractor Amey has said it “strongly refutes” suggestions contained in a Birmingham City Council committee paper regarding its highways PFI contract.

A document published as part of a council audit committee meeting claimed that Amey still owed over £55m in repayments to the authority following a Court of Appeal decision in February.

That decision had rejected Amey’s claims over its interpretation of the PFI contract and although the firm considered appealing the decision, it was not given leave to do so by the court.

However, Amey has responded to the latest documents by insisting that it “continues to deliver a high quality service”.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Amey strongly refutes the claims put forward in this paper and notes that it contains a number of material errors and inaccuracies.

“Despite the challenging circumstances, Amey continues to deliver a high-quality service in Birmingham, while we try to engage with all of the project stakeholders to resolve this longstanding and complex dispute.”