Infra industry must be ‘imaginative’ on skills

Crossrail chairman Sir Terry Morgan has called on the infrastructure community to be more imaginative in the way it improves skills in the sector.

Speaking at McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative summit in London earlier this week, Morgan pointed to the experience on the UK's Crossrail programme, which he said has shown that upskilling and developing talent can deliver the workforce that the industry needs.

“On Crossrail, we needed 1,200 people with certain skill sets, but our analysis showed that only 700 people had those skills in the UK.

“We had a target of 4,000 apprentices across the supply chain; we now have over 1,000 apprentices.”=

He also pointed to the importance of ensuring organisations are bringing in a diverse workforce.

“We have to find imaginative ways of upskilling,” he added.