Market sounding for Irish lighting project

A major urban council in Ireland has launched a market sounding process to upgrade public lighting.

Dublin City Council is planning to undertake a significant upgrade to its lighting infrastructure and, as part of this process, wishes to engage in a preliminary market consultation with interested parties to assess options for the upgrade.

The purpose of this market consultation will allow the council to engage with the supplier community to understand the challenges that might exist, and help inform the various technical and commercial options which might present themselves through a competitive tender process to be advertised in the near future.

The market consultation may also assist in the development of the procurement strategy for any subsequent competition.

The Lighting Upgrade Project proposes to:
Replace up to 40,000 luminaires with LED luminaires;
Replace up to 4,000 lighting columns;
Replace a significant amount of public lighting cabling (concentric type);
Install up to approximately 100 heritage columns/lights to enhance and improve the public
Provide a central management system (CMS) to remotely monitor, control and manage its street lights; and
Facilitate some smart city applications

Meetings will take place during the week commencing 19 or 26 November 2018. Areas that may be discussed also include electric vehicle charging applications.

Requests to be considered are due by 9 November.

The sixth Financing Irish Infrastructure conference takes place at The Westbury Hotel in Dublin on 21 November. For more information, click here.