UK govt needed for charging points infra

A House of Commons committee has urged the government to develop a national strategy to deploy electric charging infrastructure, without excessive reliance on local government or the private sector.

The Electric vehicles: driving the transition report from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee suggests that the government should take the helm and supervise the delivery of electric charging infrastructure across the country.

Rachel Reeves, chair of the committee, said: “The government cannot simply will the ends and leave local government, or private companies, to deliver the means.

“The government needs to get a grip and lead on coordinating the financial support and technical know-how necessary for local authorities to promote this infrastructure and help ensure that electric cars are an attractive option for consumers".

The report follows recommendations from the National Infrastructure Assessment to deliver electric charging infrastructure through government funding for areas where the private sector may not seek to operate in the short term, with councils allocating parking spaces to host charging points.

The National Infrastructure Commission said: “Through our National Infrastructure Assessment, we recommend the government work with Ofgem and local authorities to create a truly national, visible charging network and ensure people can make the switch confident they will be able to charge their cars during or at the end of their journey – wherever in the country that is.”