Winners for UK rethinking roads competition

Driverless cars and data plans win £50,000 prize to further develop ideas

Leeds City Council and City Science have won a £50,000 prize to further develop their ideas on how to deliver the road infrastructure of the future.

Leeds will get £25,000 in prize money to develop its plans to examine how the data generated from digitally connected cars could be used to improve traffic light sequencing, allowing highway authorities to better manage traffic on their roads and reduce tailbacks.

Meanwhile, City Science will also receive £25,000 for its plans to consider how sections of roads in urban areas could initially be dedicated to driverless vehicles.

“The vehicles of tomorrow will be very different to those we see around us today,” said National Infrastructure Commission chair, Sir John Armitt. “We need to make sure our roads are ready for this revolution.”

In May, five entries were shortlisted for the prize, with the other entries – including Arup’s kerbside plans, Aecom’s smart signals concept and Immense’s focus on sat-nav systems – all receiving £30,000 to work on their proposals.