UK - Project Aquatrine Package B reaches financial close

Thames Water Nevis to provide water services

Thames Water Nevis has reached financial close on the Ministry of Defence’s ‘Project Aquatrine Package B’, one of three packages for Project Aquatrine.

Project Aquatrine is one of the government’s more high-profile PPP projects. It will transfer the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the MoD's water and wastewater assets and infrastructure in the UK to private sector providers.

The Project Aquatrine Package B contract, which will run for 25 years, is for the provision of water and wastewater services to MoD sites across Scotland including Navy and Army bases and RAF Stations, in addition to Family Quarters and many other elements of the defence estate.

Further to the contract award, Ian Andrews, a second permanent under-secretary, signed a relationship charter on behalf of the MoD and Graham Edwards, managing director commercial Europe, RWE Thames Water, for the Contractor.

Defence Minister Ivor Caplin MP said: "In signing this charter, we formalise a relationship that has already developed between the Ministry of Defence and Thames Water Nevis. This Contract will also enable the transfer of environmental risk to those in the private sector who are best placed to manage it as part of similar 25-year arrangements worth £2.3bn and spread across three such packages covering the entire MoD estate in Great Britain. "