UK - First LIFT ‘super surgery' opens in East London

New centres to provide a range of healthcare services

The first in a £1bn wave of ‘super surgeries’ planned for NHS patients across the country has opened its doors to patients.

The £4.9m health centre in East London, launched by health secretary John Reid, is the first ‘super surgery’ to open as part of the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) PPP.

The ‘super surgeries’ are one-stop centres and will offer a range of healthcare services traditionally available only in hospitals, as well as access to GPs and other health and social care professionals. Once fully operational, the Newham surgery will bring GPs, health visitors, dentists, a pharmacy, a cardiology clinic, X-ray facilities, pathology services, optometry services and a healthy living café together in a single, one-stop centre.

Reid said: "These new super surgeries will provide some of the most modern family doctor facilities anywhere in the country. NHS patients will be able to access a wide range of services right on their doorsteps, all under one roof. It’s part of the largest and most sustained programmes of modernisation of primary care premises in the history of the NHS. This Government is determined to tackle health inequalities. These surgeries target new resources to the poorest communities.The fantastic new facilities will also help attract some of the finest GPs to Britain’s deprived areas where they are most needed."

The next new surgeries will open in Barnsley before the end of the year, with a steady stream of the new surgeries and other modern healthcare premises opening to patients throughout 2005.