UK - Tube Lines hits the breaks on Alstom PFI contract

Tube Lines is renegotiating its contract with Alstom after continued failures on the Northern Line over the past month.

An investigation into signalling problems concluded that two emergency brake switches on each train in the Northern Line fleet were faulty and needed to be modified. Tube Lines has admitted that due to poorly maintained trains, the Northern Line is one of the worst performing services on the underground.

Speaking to the PPP Bulletin, Tube Lines’ director of Contracts and Assurance Andrew Cleaves said: “We have had concerns for quite some time now around the Alstom maintenance, and discussions on how we could improve the situation will come to a conclusion in the next few weeks. I can’t say how they will conclude but what I can say is we are working hard to improve the current situation.”

The Northern Line fleet is owned and maintained by Alstom under a PFI contract which Tube Lines inherited from London Underground in January 2003. This contract sets out the performance criteria for the fleet. However, the performance thresholds set within the contract are not aligned with Tube Lines own commitments to LU under the 30 year PPP to modernise the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.