New design rules for waste PPPs

The government has released new guidelines giving advice to local authorities planning waste management facilities.

The guidelines have been drawn in partnership with CABE and cover the different types of waste facilities that authorities can use and the best way to design them. The guidance looks at design best practice, key design principles and public consultation.

Environment minister Jane Kennedy said: "New infrastructure will only be built if local communities are happy and this means the best possible design must be applied to win that all important public endorsement."

Tony Adamson, head of business development at Global Renewables, said that best practice was already in place on the company’s PFI contract with Lancashire council. He added: "Any official guidelines which help local authorities and waste processing companies to appreciate the importance of not just design, but the instrumental role played by the community is a good thing."

John Scanlon, business development director at SITA UK, agreed saying, "We certainly support the idea that waste management facilities should be designed in a way that makes it easier for them to be accepted by the local community."

The guidelines are timely with several authorities at various stages of procuring waste management contracts. Earlier this week Bradford and Calderdale councils announced a long list for their joint billion pound waste management programme. A shortlist is expected in the first quarter 2009.