India – education PPP market gathers pace

India’s PPP unit is drawing up plans for a programme of 2,500 schools after holding a market testing education roundtable last week.

Planning Commission advisor Gajendra Haldea will lead the team developing the new education framework, which will be unveiled before the end of the year. The human resources ministry (responsible for education) will also work on plans for using PPP to build schools, which it expects to release next week.

Both groups will build on feedback from a roundtable discussion last week involving both the public and private sector on education PPP. Attendees disagreed with proposals to make the government pay the school fees of up to 1,000 students per school, according to local press reports.

"The Round Table members questioned the efficacy of such a formula arguing that it would mean a huge financial burden on the government," said India Express.

However, all agreed that PPP should be used to develop India’s schools with particular benefits to be had from facilities in rural areas.