Thailand – government to revise PPP law

Thailand’s government is undertaking a raft of measures to clarify its procurement process and pave the way for more PPP projects.

Since first embracing the financing model in 2005, the country has yet to build up a steady pipeline of projects. The government is determined to harness private sector finance for projects and today announced that 10% of its US$43bn budget will be used in partnership with the private sector.

Thailand’s public debt management office and the department of comptroller general are drawing up new legislation for a clearer PPP framework. This will include regulatory rules and the standardisation of the procurement process.

The planning ministry is also working on new provisions on land ownership, which will enable investors to sell off land acquired as part of a project. The ministry has until February next year to complete this new provision.

It is reported that Thailand’s needs US$225bn a year to improve its infrastructure, of which the government has only 15%.