Georgia plans new transport hub

The US state of Georgia has issued requests for proposals (RFP) to deliver a major new transport terminal in the heart of Atlanta.

Georgia wants a master developer to deliver its Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal through a PPP.

The new hub will provide a terminal for local bus and rail services, plus metro and national bus links.

Georgia is also considering two high-speed rail lines which, if approved, would run through the hub.

"A tremendous amount of work has gone into preparing for the issuance of this RFP," said Georgia transport commissioner Vance Smith Jr.

"We’ve spent the last year working closely with key partners, and have prepared a great deal of information that will help ensure this project’s success."

He added that a lot of work had gone into ensuring the scheme will be attractive to the private sector, by examining comparable projects around the country and actively engaging prospective companies.

A GDOT spokesperson told PPP Bulletin that the state has enough funding to cover the planning and feasibility stage of the project but it is relying on the master developer to arrange a financing package for the build.

International firms including Hochtief, ACS and Maquarie Capital have all expressed an interest in the scheme, as well as a number of local firms, the spokesperson confirmed.

A pre-proposal workshop will be held on 5 January, with responses to be received by 10 January. A shortlist of bidders will be announced on 21 January.

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