Uganda warned on PPP expertise

Uganda should approach public-private partnerships with caution as it begins to develop the model, the World Bank has said.

The country drafted its PPP law in November this year, and has already planned a US$500m police housing scheme to be launched under the legislation in January.

However, the World Bank’s Uganda country manager, Kundhavi Kadiresan, has warned that the country needs to make sure it fully understands the contracts it is developing with the private sector before signing any deals.

"The government should not engage in new public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements without understanding them clearly: in terms of the obligations they are entering," she said. "Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of confrontation."

The PPP law has been developed as part of Uganda’s National Development Plan, which aims to increase investment in the country’s infrastructure and transform Uganda into a middle-income country by 2015.