Tanzania finalising PPP pipeline

Tanzania’s PPP Units are preparing to launch a number of projects to market.

Two PPP Units, the Coordination Unit at the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and the Finance Unit at the Ministry of Finance, are currently screening a number of projects across different sectors.

"We have received a number of projects from ministries, government agencies and local governments…some of them are really good and we are looking forward to implementing them via PPP," said PPP Coordination Unit Manager, Saidi Amiri.

He said that the PPP legal framework has emphasised monitoring and evaluation issues as a way to make sure those projects will be thoroughly and effectively implemented. Local financial institutions will be invited to invest in projects, he added.

Tanzania’s PPP Act 18 of 2010 came as a result of a PPP policy that was established in 2009. The Act established PPP Units which started operating in March this year and will help to fulfill the government's five-year Development Plan and Vision 2025.