Study due for Puerto Rico highway

A key study into whether a new highway project will be procured as a P3 in Puerto Rico is due to be submitted to the country’s P3 authority (PR-PPPA), PPP Bulletin understands.

The desirability and convenience study into the proposed PR-22 highway P3 will be submitted for evaluation by the PR-PPPA in the "near future", which will ascertain the viability of the deal.

The proposals are currently being evaluated by the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA), which is updating planning and environmental compliance assessments for the project.

As part of the work, the PRIFA has contracted the engineering/transportation firm Steer Davies Gleave, which will carry out the study. The PRIFA is also working with engineering firm Barrett Hale Alamo and CMA Architects and Engineers to assist with the planning process.

When completed the highway is designed to improve access from the metropolitan area of capital San Juan to the northwestern part of the country via a toll road.