Possible healthcare projects for Ukraine

A new potential healthcare PPP could be in the offering in Ukraine, Partnerships Bulletin understands.

According to CREAM Europe PPP Alliance, an EU body, dedicated to the promotion of PPPs, it plans to start working in Ukraine and realise a number of new healtchare projects according to Zoran Jelic, head of CREAM Europe.

Speaking at a conference this week, Jelic said: "We've only just started working in Ukraine. We'll open C.R.E.A.M. Ukraine in a month or two, and then we'll start working. We'll have a small project, for example, to create diagnostic centers."

Jelic added that the main problem of the realisation of the PPP mechanism in the healthcare sector today is the absence of infrastructure to accompany the project.

"Now the main thing is that there is no infrastructure for the arrival of the money… This is the main thing. There is no shortage of money. There are investors with a lot of funds and they want to invest money in certain mechanisms, but they're looking for infrastructure," he said.

Jelic added that said the legal base for the development of PPP in the healthcare in Ukraine is a secondary thing.

"The main thing is the political will for the development of PPP in the healthcare sector."