Belarus PPP law and centre on track

Belarus has revealed more details about its upcoming PPP law and the building of a national PPP centre.

Economy Minister Nikolai Snopkov said the concept of the draft law on PPPs has been approved and the bill on PPP has been drafted.

Nikolai Snopkov said that international experts had conducted a review of the draft law and according to them the document corresponds to the world standards by 81.5%. "This is the best showing among the countries of the region. Accordingly, this makes it a more competitive framework for PPP to develop quickly, efficiently and for the benefit of society," he said

The new PPP centre will also aim to establish a new organisational and management structure for future projects.

According to Snopkov, it is expected that the work on the law and centre will result in the launch of two pilot social infrastructure development projects.

"We are at the beginning of the journey but I am convinced that we will be able to achieve the expected results through close interaction, personal participation, understanding the need for and efficiency of this instrument and its wide use in Belarus," he added.