Northeast India PPPs receive boost

PPPs are key in order to bring infrastructure, transport, energy and urban services to northeastern India, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Emphasising that the PPP model is imperative to development in the northeast, ADB India Resident Mission unit head Paolo Spantigati said the organisation is committed to bringing the best of the advantages of the private sector for the region's progress.

"It is time to bring projects and for project delivery to the region. At ADB, we strongly believe that PPP model can bring better services, technologies and operations. Our thrust is to bring the advantages of private sectors beyond normal financing," said Spantigati.

The local government has taken up a 20-year Perspective Infrastructure Development Plan for the state of Guwahati, with an aim to focus on four sectors including roads, urban, power and industrial infrastructure. The government said the plan will come out with a roadmap for prioritising 40 infrastructure projects with a primary focus on the PPP mode of development.